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 Alumni Survey for Medical School

Medical School:*

Today's Date:*

How has your medical school experience compared to your expectations upon entering as a first-year student?

What are your medical school's strengths?

What are your medical school's weaknesses?

Please describe the relationships among students at your school--how competitive are students with one another? How social?

What is your impression of the faculty at your medical school in terms of their teaching abilities/style, accessibility, and evaluation policies?

How would you rate the support services at your medical school (e.g., academic advising, library, tutoring support)? Please explain.

If you are involved with a special program (e.g., joint degree, academic concentration, public health, student community service activity), please describe:

Is your medical school known for a particular specialty (e.g., tropical medicine, women's health, rural medicine, etc.) ?

What teaching style (s) is (are) employed at your medical school (e.g., lecture, problem-based learning, or some other method) ?

Please share any additional information about your medical school or medical education. If you took time off before entering medical school, what experience did you have and what resources did you use to obtain the position?

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