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Law School Alumni Survey

Thank you very much for taking the time to complete the Alumni Survey. This information has proven to be extremely helpful to students who are in the final stages of the law school decision making process. The completed surveys are password protected and will only be viewed by Yale students, alumni, and our pre-law advisors.

Enrollment Information

Year of Graduation (Yale College)

Law School*

Year Matriculated*

Why did you choose this law school? (choose one or more)*
     Special Programs
     Cost (financial aid/scholarships offered)
     Other (please explain below)

First Year Perspectives

How does your first year in law school compare with your expectations?

What are your law school's strengths?

What are the weaknesses?

Is your law school known for any particular specialty or specialties?

How would you describe the faculty in terms of teaching style, accessibility, evaluation policies, etc?

Did you seek financial assistance from your institution? If applicable, what was the availability of financial assistance?

How would you describe the social climate? How competitive are the students?

How would you describe the support services (career services, academic advisement, library reference)?

Are you involved with a special program (academic concentration, clinical program, or joint degree)? If yes, please describe.

Any additional comments about your law school:

Personal Contact Information (optional)

Would you be willing to answer additional questions about your law school from a current Yale student or alumnus/a? If so, please fill out the information below:


Residential College

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Thank you for your assistance!!!

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